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It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce the passing of one of our founding board members, Evan Binn. His financial and musical dedication to Classical Encounters has been of great value to our non profit foundation all these years and we owe him an enormous gratitude. Many of you might already know that Classical Encounters will not be continued. Ronna, our main force behind the scenes, is not capable of continuation due to several reasons. Her health has declined a bit since the loss of her beloved husband, board member, photographer and head guacamole maker Louis Hersh. Most likely there will be a relocation to a more comfortable type of living in her future soon. You all are aware that we have had the gracious use of both of Ronna’s personal Steinway grand pianos. The Hamburg C concert grand, after which the room in which we held the concerts was named, has already been sold. For those of you who are interested in purchasing the remaining 9’ Steinway D concert grand this would be a great opportunity to purchase this instrument at a fair and reasonable price. Those of you who know Ronna well, know that she took utmost care of this instrument and kept it in pristine condition. This was her baby. Our concerts were carried mostly by this phenomenal instrument. Any serious, and I really mean serious, inquiries should be directed at her directly. In closing, I, on behalf of the entire Classical Encounters board, would like to extend my gratitude to all of you for supporting us all these years. Without all of you we would not have been able to give so much to our close knit music and musicians community. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.